Hohhot 2007

Institutional support for the formulation of laws and regulations aimed at the social integration of persons with disabilities con titolo Psychology of independent living by mobility for disabled persons in Mongolia - Hohhot 2007

Pechino 2007

Launching Ceremony of Sino-Italian Co-operation -International Seminar on Legislation to Protect the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - Pechino 2007

Pechino 2008

Seminar on PWDs’ Employment Legislation” con il titolo “Psychological importance of employment for disabled persons-ergo therapy ” - Pechino 2008

Hohhot 2010-2009

Training of Trainers in mother and child sector - Hohhot 2010

County and Xiang 2010

Il rapporto medico-paziente in un contesto sanitario organizzato dalla Cooperazione allo sviluppo in Cina - County and Xiang 2010

Hulumbuir 2010

La comunicazione efficace per gli operatori sanitari - Hulumbuir Xinbaerhu 2010

Shangai 2010

In-clu-sive education: Universal method organizzato dall’ICI in Cina. Shanghai EXPO 2010 Better City, Better Life - Shangai 2010

Tibet 2010

Educazione sanitaria in Tibet - Tibet 2010

Ulanhot 2010-2011

A systemic model of adult learning in Mother and Child Health Sector - Ulanhot 2010

Hohhot 2011

Inner Mongolia Promozione e Sensibilizzazione Sanitaria - Hohhot 2011

Tibet 2011

Health Care for Women of Childbearing Age - Tibet 2011

Presentazione La magia delle resilienza

Mercoledi 1 luglio 2015, Roma - Senato della Repubblica, sala ISMA.